Are your products organic?

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The short answer: Yes, all of the blends in our Essentials Set are 100% organic.

The long answer is that we strive to create the best products possible, using the best-quality and best-tasting ingredients we can find. Often, that means sourcing organic, since organic farming practices produce high-quality products that taste great.

Sometimes, however, that's not the case. Organic certification processes can be long and expensive, and not every farmer is able to afford them. Some farmers operate using organic standards (or even higher) but aren’t able to achieve certification for various reasons. There are also certain ingredients that are nearly impossible to source in organic. As we build out future products, we may use some of these ingredients.

Here’s our promise to you. We source organic wherever possible. When it’s not possible, we search for the highest-quality, best products we can find. And we will always let you know exactly what’s going into the blends you purchase, because that’s how we like to approach the products we use.

If you have any further questions or would like to discuss these issues (we love to nerd out about food systems), feel free to send us an email at or to DM us on Instagram.

Do your products have salt in them?

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No. All of our blends are 100% salt-free.

How should I use your blends?

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Every one of our blends is designed to be multi-purpose, so there are tons of different ways that you can use them.

For ideas and inspiration, follow us on Instagram and Facebook, and sign up for our newsletter. We’re constantly sharing what we’re cooking and how we’re using the products in different ways.

If you'd like specific recipes using our blends, we have a ton of those too at our recipes page.

Can your blends be consumed raw?

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Yes. While our blends are designed as cooking blends, they can definitely be consumed raw, and we have lots of ways we use them as such.

How can I get in touch with you?

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We’re glad you asked! You can reach our entire team by emailing, or you can reach out to our founders at and

We’re also very active on Instagram, and we’re happy to respond to DMs there!

Finally, you can text us! 512.548.2594

Do you ship internationally?

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Unfortunately, at this time we don’t ship internationally. If you’re interested in buying our products and live in another country, please sign up for our email list and we’ll let you know as soon as we’re able to ship to you!

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