Mother Tongue Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are right around the corner, and we’ve got you covered for gifts for the food lover in your life!

We rounded up a list of some of our favorite food products, cookbooks, and kitchen gear. If you've got any questions at all, or want further recommendations, feel free to reach out! 


The One and Only

The Essentials Set

The Essentials Set makes a killer gift, if we say so ourselves! It’s small enough to be a stocking stuffer, but big enough to be a proper gift. Give the gift of good cooking to someone you love this year! Order by  to make sure you get it before Christmas! 



Matieral Kitchen Chef’s Knife

We’re big fans of this 8” chef’s knife from Material Kitchen. We own it ourselves, and it’s a great knife at a really great price point. We love the different color options, which makes it an especially good gift.


Field Cast Iron

If you’re looking for a good cast iron skillet, you can’t go wrong with Lodge. However, if you’re looking for an exceptional skillet that’s hand-crafted and lighter and smoother than the alternatives out there, check out Field. While their skillets are quite pricy, a good one will last you a lifetime.


Made In Blue Carbon Steel

While we love our cast iron (and consider it a kitchen essential), we’ve also become huge fans of carbon steel. Carbon steel is very similar to cast iron in terms of durability and heat retention, but it heats up faster and is about 50% lighter. It’s a great alternative, and we’ve been getting a ton of use out of ours lately.


Stocking Stuffers

Only Salt

Did you know that a lot of sea salt is contaminated with microplastics from the ocean? We didn’t either, until recently. We recently tried Only Salt, which is spring salt harvested from a pristine natural spring in the Andes mountains, and we were super impressed. This makes for a killer finishing salt, and their sachets (and pinch bowls) make for awesome stocking stuffers.


Rancho Gordo Felicidad Hot Sauce

While Rancho Gordo is best known for their incredible heirloom beans, their hot sauces are equally as delicious. This chipotle and pumpkin seed laden creation is our personal favorite. 


Pantry Staples 

Wonder Valley EVOO

We love ourselves some great olive oil, and we’ve been fans of Wonder Valley for some time. Not only is the olive oil delicious (most importantly), but the branding and bottle are beautiful.


Oracle Oil

We could say the same thing about Oracle Oil, an organic brand sourced from Greece. Either of these brands bottles look gorgeous on a countertop and make a great gift.


Dark Horse Organic Smoked Tamari

We’ll buy just about anything this brand creates. Their hot sauce and fermented dijon are favorites, but we’re extra excited about their newest creation— organic smoked Tamari. Tamari is soy sauce make without wheat, and we consider it a kitchen staple. It helps that Dark Horse’s branding and packaging are killer, as well. 


Iio Jozo’s Rice Vinegar

The best rice vinegar we’ve tried, hands down. Worth every penny.


Katz’s Vinegars

While there are plenty of cool brands doing fun things in the world of vinegar— check out Acid League and KeepWell— Katz is an OG. These vinegars are produced using a traditional Orleans method, and they're simply phenomenal. We're especially big fans of their wine vinegars, especially the agrodolce varietals.


Masienda Masa Harina

There’s really nothing that compares to homemade corn tortillas. Traditionally, it’s been tough to find masa harina made from good-quality corn. Our friends at Masienda have come to the rescue with this blue corn masa made from heirloom Mexican corn.



Six Seasons

This is easily one of our most-used cookbooks at home. The perfect guide for someone looking to cook more locally and seasonally, this book is chock-full of killer recipes as well as useful information on specific vegetables, their seasons, and how to cook them.


Salt, Acid, Fat, Heat

Reading this book is like learning the theory behind good cooking. This book doesn’t just teach you to cook recipes, it teaches you how to think about cooking (though the recipes included are damn good). It’s a must-read for anyone looking to level up their cooking game.



Chef Travis Lett is one of the unsung heroes of the good food movement. This book is gorgeous, and it will inspire you to seek out the best local ingredients you can find. The recipes are approachable, delicious, and fun.

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