Our Mission

We created Mother Tongue to help people cook more creatively, more conveniently, and more often at home.

As former chefs turned dedicated home cooks, we wanted to share the staples that we use to easily introduce bold, delicious flavors into our everyday cooking. 

We love cooking at home, whether it's a simple weeknight meal or a big Sunday feast with a bunch of friends. And we believe that great home cooking is far easier and more accessible than most people realize. 

Our products are 100% organic and are designed to reflect our own personal philosophy on food— that quality matters, that simplicity is key, and that ingredients are of utmost importance. We're here to share them with you, to show you how to use them, and to spread the love of home cooking. 


Breaded Anchovies

Mother Tongue

Our friend Lily Harris (one of our favorite Instagram follows) dreamt up this wonderful recipe using our spice blends...

Yellow Rice with The Savories

Mother Tongue

Spice up your white rice with a flavor upgrade, courtesy of The Savories.

Spiced Ground Beef

Mother Tongue

We use a combination of The Chiles, The Savories, and a bone broth reduction to make a delicious and easy ground beef.
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